Onn Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

The Onn Soundbar is one of the most well-known soundbars currently on the market. But what should you do if you lose the remote control? This article will discuss the 4 & 5 digit codes for the Onn Soundbar remote, so if you need to program your universal remote to work with your Onn Soundbar, simply read this article thoroughly.

If you’ve purchased a universal remote and you’re not using an Onn-branded one, you may encounter an issue. The Onn remote with IR (infrared) capabilities is not available for separate purchase. However, you have the option to upgrade to a Wi-Fi voice remote, which is compatible with the Onn Soundbar and can control the volume via Wi-Fi instead of using IR.

The TV commands displayed on the Onn remote are Roku commands. When Roku detects these commands, it sends an HDMI-CEC signal over the HDMI port to control any connected TV. Televisions of all brands equipped with HDMI-CEC will respond to these commands, regardless of the brand. This is why, with the Onn Soundbar, there’s no need to select the brand of television you have, unlike with other Roku devices that require you to specify your TV brand.

We’ll go through the steps to program the Onn remote for the soundbar. This post provides complete information on how to program the Onn Soundbar using a 4-digit code. Take a look below.

Onn Soundbar Universal Remote Codes List

Below, we will examine the four-digit Onn Soundbar Remote Codes that can be used with any remote. Simply invest some time to follow these instructions correctly and use the method to program a DirecTV remote to an Onn Roku TV. Scroll down and review the list of codes; we have mentioned the correct codes for you to choose from for your device.









How to Program an Onn Remote for a Soundbar

Programming your Onn remote with the correct Soundbar codes is an efficient way to control various devices simultaneously. By following the proper programming procedure, you can ensure that the remote will work with your Roku and other devices. Let’s go through the steps of programming your remote with these codes. We are confident that after reading this article, you will not encounter any issues.

  1. Start by turning off the Onn Soundbar or any other device you wish to program.
  2. Press and hold the ‘Set’ or ‘Magic’ button for two seconds before releasing it.
  3. Enter the 4-digit code using the remote.
  4. Press the ‘Set’ or ‘Magic’ button again until the remote blinks once.
  5. Choose the 4-digit code from the provided list and enter it.
  6. In the final step, confirm the operation by pressing the appropriate key.

Final Verdict

In this article, we aimed to provide all the essential information about programming your Onn Soundbar with a universal remote code. You should now be able to control your soundbar with the remote discussed in this article. If you have found a remote code that works with your soundbar device, please use the form below to inform us and our readers which code was successful for the device you are using. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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