ONN Universal Remote Codes List

Onn is the well known brand in the universal remote industry that works with mostly all electronics brand to operate device functions. Sometimes the situation arises when you mistakenly destroy or harm the device remote or forgot it at someplace you didn’t find. If you own a onn universal remote, it will save your time and money for buying a original device remote. You can program the Onn universal remote to work with your DVD, TV, VCR or any other device. Programming the Onn universal remote control is very easy for even non-technical people. You must have Onn universal remote codes to setup your remote control with the electric device. Our guide will help you in finding the valid Onn 6 in 1 universal remote codes and program methods.

Onn 6 in 1 Universal Remote Code List

To program a onn universal remote, the most essential thing is Onn universal 6 device remote codes that are compatible with your remote brand and type. Using the onn 6 device universal remote anyone can program and operate 6 electronics devices using a single remote.

From our various sources we have collected a wide range of Onn tv remote codes that works with major remote brands. So you need to check out the below given list of Onn universal remote codes and select a universal remote control code listed for your remote type and brand. There are multiple codes available for a remote type so you can select any of the code and start setting up the remote control. If the device doesn’t perform the desired action using remote then you needs to repeat the programming process using another remote codes.

Onn Universal Remote Manual

While purchasing a Onn universal remote, the package comes with a user manual that helps to understand the features & offerings of onn universal remote. There are a lot of information available in the remote manual concerning the remote programming methods, universal remote codes, batteries, etc.

ONN universal remote manual

Onn universal Remote programming will be easy and quick if you have remote user manual because of its easy to understand instructions and details.

How to Program Onn Universal Remote?

Onn universal remote can be programmed using various methods Direct code entry, auto code search method. You can choose to program your remote control using any of these methods. Just follow the instructions available for each method carefully and enter the valid universal remote codes.

How to Program Onn Universal Remote Without Code?

The universal remote codes are the must have element for programming a universal remote to pair with any of your electronics devices. But after doing a lot of search you didn’t found compatible code that works to program your device with universal remote.  Here we have mentioned two most useful remote programming methods that is direct code entry and auto code search method. If you didn’t find valid remote codes for your universal remote or the direct code entry method doesn’t work well for you, then you try programming your remote using auto code search method.

  1. At first, manually “Switch on” your device you wish to program.
  2. Press & hold on the “Program” button, power button will start lightening up then release the program key.
  3. Next press the device category button such as TV/DVD/Blu-ray.
  4. Power button will flash one time to confirm the selection.
  5. Pick the code from above available remote codes list and input the valid universal code using the numeric keys.
  6. Power button will illuminates if you have enter the correct onn universal remote control code.
  7. If you have entered a invalid code the light will stay on till the valid code entry.
  8. Once the valid code is entered, try pressing the power or Volume on/off key to check if the device responds correctly.
  9. If the device doesn’t responds and perform the desired actions, then you need to check the codes list again and find another code to setup the remote.

Program Onn Universal Remote With Auto-Code Search

Remote codes are 4 or 5 digit universal codes that works to recognize the commands from the remote to device and perform the desired actions. So the remote codes plays a essential part in programming process. Enter the remote code and follow the programming steps carefully to setup your remote control in just a few moments.

Finding valid remote codes for your remote brand is also not easy for everyone. So you can choose to go through our list of Onn universal codes available on the same page or programming your remote control using without code programming methods.

  • Firstly, “Switch On” your device manually that you wants to setup the remote control.
  • Tap and hold on the “Program” key until the power button lights up red and then release the program key.
  • Then choose the device key you wish to program such as TV/Blu-ray/VCR/DVD. Here we are programming the remote control for TV so you need to press the TV key. You will notice on press of TV button the power key lights up red and blinks once to confirm the device selection.
  • Now tap & hold down the “OK” key. Now the remote will start scanning the code library. Once the remote find  a compatible code the device will turns off.
  • Release the ok key to save/store the code.
  • Then try pressing power, volume or channel keys to confirm that code is compatible to perform the actions with device.  If everything is working as expected then you have successfully programmed your Onn universal remote control with TV.
  • If the device doesn’t work as expected, you may need to repeat the same process again and find another universal remote code.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common inquiries regarding the use of ONN Universal Remote with various devices, providing specific guidance on finding codes, programming the remote, and understanding its functionalities.

Where can I find the Onn universal remote codes for Vizio TVs?

For Vizio TV codes compatible with ONN Universal Remotes, users can refer this homepage which includes a list of codes by brand and device.

How do you find and enter the 5-digit codes for an Onn TV remote?

To enter the 5-digit codes for an Onn TV remote, one must locate the correct code and use the remote’s numeric keypad for input. Detailed instructions can be found within the remote’s packaging.

Where can I find the manual for programming my ONN Universal Remote?

The programming manual can be downloaded from this post, which offers a PDF version of the universal remote manual that includes setup and programming instructions.

Can ONN Universal Remote be programmed to work with Roku TV devices?

Yes, an ONN Universal Remote can be programmed to work with Roku TV devices by using specific codes assigned to Roku TVs. Instructions for this programming can typically be found in the ONN Universal Remote’s manual.

Is there a code list available for different models of televisions compatible with ONN Universal Remotes?

Yes, there is a code list available for different TV models which outlines the codes needed to pair the remote with various brands in this post itselt.

Where is the Setup Button on my onn Remote?

The Setup button on an ONN Remote is usually found at the top section and is labeled as “Setup” or represented by an icon. It is used to initiate the programming sequence and may require pressing and holding until the LED indicator blinks.


That’s all about programming a Onn universal 6 device remote control. Please share your feedbacks and suggestions with us so we can make further improvements. Also, do let us know if you are looking for any other remote codes that are not available here yet.