Philips Universal Remote Codes for Onn TV

For your Philips TV do you want to setup a Onn universal remote? If yes, then you are landed at the right place. Sometimes we misplace or damaged our remote without knowing and it leads to barrier in watching our favourite web series and shows. Searching compatible Philips tv remote will takes time and money to buy it from market or online. If you have a onn universal remote, then it may resolve all your worries for finding a replacement remote. You can program a onn universal remote for Philips tv and operate all the device functions similar to the original remote control. In this article you will find all the latest collection of onn remote codes for Philips tv along with programming methods.

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV List

From our numerous sources we have updated a huge list of all types of Philips universal remote codes onn tv. So you just check out the remote codes list available on this page and choose a universal code available for your universal remote. The universal remote codes works according to the code list version of remote that can be checked by removing the battery cover. Based on the codes list version you can enter 4 digit or 5 digit code to setup the universal remote control. Multiple codes are available for a single remote type so you can choose to program your remote using any of the code. and if the code doesn’t found valid you can choose another code and follow the same process again till you get success.

  • 3535
  • 1154
  • 2477
  • 2495
  • 1141
  • 1772
  • 0205
  • 2091

How to Setup Onn Remote for Philips TV

There are various methods available to program a Philips tv universal remote control. To program the remote control you need to have valid onn universal remote codes for Philips tv. If you don’t found the valid code for your universal remote you can still program & setup your Onn remote using auto code search method. Here we have updated clear steps to program your onn remote for Philips tv using auto-code search method:

  • Firstly “Turn on” the Philips tv device you would like to program.
  • Press & hold the program button until the led indicator lights up and then release the key.
  • Click on device category button for the device you are programming. For example -TV as here we are programming Philips tv remote.
  • Tap & hold OK button. after entering code from remote codes list of your universal remote. If you enter a valid code then device will switch off.
  • Release the OK to store the code.
  • Press power on/off or vol +- to check if the device performs the desired action as expected.  If it does your universal remote is successfully programmed.


This article is all about setup a onn universal remote for Philips tv device. Please share your feedbacks and suggestions about this website and article so we can serve you more useful content. Also, share us if you have any new code that are still not updated here.

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