ONN R113663 6-Device Universal Remote Manual

Mastering the operation of multiple devices with a single controller is a necessity for a streamlined home entertainment experience. The ONN R113663 6-Device Universal Remote offers a versatile solution, allowing you to consolidate the control of your TV, Blu-ray player, soundbar, and other audio-video devices. The setup process is designed to be user-friendly, with the aim of simplifying your tech lifestyle. Understanding its functionalities and programming process can enhance your usage and make the management of your home devices effective and efficient.

Navigating the setup of the ONN R113663 remote can be straightforward when you become familiar with the key processes involved, such as programming the remote to work with your devices, using the learning feature to customize controls, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise during use.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamline control of up to six devices with the ONN R113663 Universal Remote.
  • Programming the remote is user-oriented, supporting diverse home entertainment systems.
  • Learn to troubleshoot effectively to maintain seamless device operation.

Getting Started

To effectively begin using your ONN R113663 6-Device Universal Remote, this section will guide you through familiarizing yourself with the remote’s layout and capabilities.

Overview of Remote

Your ONN R113663 6-Device Universal Remote is designed to consolidate the control of up to six audio/video devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players, and soundbars. It features a comprehensive key layout allowing for easy navigation and functionality.

  • Power Button: Used to turn your devices on or off.
  • Setup Button: Essential for programming your remote to work with your devices.
  • Number Pad: For direct channel selection or code entry when programming.
  • Navigation Pad: Allows you to navigate menus on your selected device.
  • Volume and Channel Rockers: For easy volume and channel control.
  • Macro Keys: Can be programmed for specific sequences for convenience.

Before starting, ensure that the device you want to program is switched on. Programming involves pressing and holding the setup key until the red LED blinks twice and then entering a specific code for your device, which can typically be found in the remote’s manual. It’s crucial to point these direct infrared signals at the device without obstruction during setup.

ONN universal remote manual


Your ONN R113663 6-device universal remote is designed to streamline the control of multiple audio-visual devices, making it a valuable addition to your home entertainment setup. Remember to refer to the user manual and the provided setup instructions for a smooth experience. Maintain the remote by keeping it away from moisture and by regularly checking the batteries. Should you encounter any issues, consult the troubleshooting tips in your user guide or seek technical support and visit homepage of this website.

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